Pixelmator Pro 2.0 for free!

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Pixelmator has long been a strong competitor of Photoshop on the photo processing software market. Its price in the App Store is $39,99. Not everyone justifies such an expense when they need this type of application occasionally. However, I have very good news for you. Today, MacLife allows us to download the program for free.

The creators suggest that the program contains a lot of innovative features, including a transformed workflow, simplified, intelligent tools, and even machine learning was used. I love the fact that the tool inspector is part of the window – I’ve always been pissed off with managing the placement of windows in Photoshop programs. The program also supports Metal 2 and non-destructive editing and will also allow editing photos in RAW and HEIF formats (which will debut in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra). There is much more news and a more complete list can be found on the Pixelmator website.